Shift4’s VT4® Named Best M-POS Solution in 2016 Pay Awards!

Shift4’s VT4® Named Best M-POS Solution in 2016 Pay Awards!

Well, we can’t say that we’re surprised – but, we are thrilled! VT4®, our ingenious mobile point of sale (mPOS) solution, recently won the Best M-POS Solution award in the 2016 Pay Awards! Paybefore is a leading information provider in the payments industry, and their annual Pay Awards event recognizes the best prepaid, mobile, and emerging payments technologies from around the world.

VT4 was designed to answer a wide variety of merchant needs, and no other mobile payment solution can match its security and flexibility. VT4 is the only mPOS solution that allows merchants to use any Internet-connected device to process payments anytime and anywhere. In addition to credit and debit cards, VT4 accepts a variety of tenders, including third-party, private label, and Shift4’s IT’S YOUR CARD® gift cards; cash; check; and even member-account payments so your customers can “put it on their tab.” Here are just a few more of VT4’s unique features:

  • EMV Capability – Shift4’s VT4 supports EMV, and since it integrates seamlessly with our DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway, you can quickly and easily process EMV transactions. Simply select an EMV-capable option from our VT4 Accessory Packages. If your processor and payment system are certified with us for EMV, then you’ll be ready to process EMV chip cards anywhere you go.
  • Support for BYOD Environments – VT4 works on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And, because VT4 uses Shift4’s True P2PE™ (point-to-point encryption) and TrueTokenization®, no credit card data ever enters the devices. This makes it perfect for BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) environments by reducing setup costs because your staff can use their own devices – without compromising your payment security.
  • Designed With Enterprise in Mind – VT4 is scalable for merchants of any size in any industry. You can process transactions across multiple revenue centers from a single account on a single device (or on as many devices as you like). There’s no limit to the number of users, terminals, or revenue centers you can have. And, VT4 accepts 10 currencies, including U.S. and Canadian Dollars (USD and CAD), Mexican Pesos (MXN), and a variety of Caribbean currencies. VT4 can flex its muscle to support any enterprise.
  • Contactless/Mobile Wallet Capability – Contactless payment options, like NFC, are becoming more popular with consumers. Mobile wallets like Apple Pay™ and Samsung Pay™ are quickly becoming the preferred payment method by many, so we’ve made sure that you can accept the latest and greatest in mobile wallets.
  • Complete Processor, Device, and Bank Neutrality – With VT4, you’re able to switch banks and processors as needed so you have the freedom to negotiate the best rates and service for your business – without losing transaction history due to a switch. And, so you have flexibility in your mobile payments setup, VT4 integrates to many popular cash drawers, receipt printers, and payment devices.
  • Interface Customization – You can customize the look and feel of VT4’s interface to mirror your brand and create a seamless consumer experience.

For more information about VT4 and its empowering feature set, visit vt4.com or email info@shift4.com.

Help Make VT4 Best in Category!
So, what’s next for VT4? We’ve already won Best M-POS Solution, but now we’re competing for Best-in-Category in the 2016 Pay Awards. Please show your support by voting for us in the Retail and Loyalty section at paybefore.com. We update VT4 periodically to meet your needs, so – as always – stay tuned in upcoming newsletters for more great news about VT4’s capabilities.