Shift4’s Most Useful Web Pages

There are approximately 500 unique pages within the Shift4 website, so don’t feel bad if you haven’t visited all of them. Many of the pages are designed to introduce merchants to Shift4 and explain what we do. For example, from our DOLLARS ON THE NET® page, you can learn why we call our product a Gateway+ (hint, because it does a lot more than a regular payment gateway) and get in-depth information on all of the features that makes DOLLARS ON THE NET the fastest and most secure choice in payment processing for merchants.
Setup Forms
Other pages, like our Setup Forms page, are designed to help new customers get started with Shift4. That’s where you’ll find our Account Implementation Guide, Account Setup Form, and Profit Center Setup forms that must be completed for each location in your business (be sure to download the one that corresponds to the processor you will be using).

Existing Shift4 merchant customers will want to review our Integrations page before adding new devices or changing to a new point-of-sale solution. The page lists all of the third-party devices we work with, as well as the features currently supported with each of those devices. It also provides a complete list of the POS/PMS software versions that currently have integrations to DOLLARS ON THE NET. Taking a moment to review this information before investing in a new solution can save you some headaches.

You may also be interested to know that Shift4 posts a year’s worth of our most recent PCI DSS Certificates of Compliance on our Security Corner page. Occasionally merchants’ insurance companies request copies of that document, and PCI requirement 12.8.4 mandates that you verify our compliance annually, so you might want to bookmark the page. The Security Corner also has several important security resources including Shift4’s security policies, the policies of the card brands, as well as key threat reports and other documents your IT security expert should review from time to time.

Another page that may be worth bookmarking is the Password Reset page. We hope you never have to use it, but in that moment when you need it, it would be helpful to have the URL saved so that you don’t have to go searching the site when what you need to be doing is logging in for a nightly audit!

System Alerts
Finally, be sure to check out our System Status Alerts page whenever you notice issues with your transaction processing. The alerts page provides near-real-time notifications of issues, outages, and scheduled maintenance for both Shift4 and all of the major processors we connect to. It’s a great resource to determine if the problem is global or unique to your business. If the alert is listed on the page, you can rest assured that we are working on it. If you don’t see an alert listed on the page, please be sure to call in and let us know what trouble you’re having so that we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

So there’s our list of some of the most useful pages on www.shift4.com, but what do you think? Which Shift4 pages do you visit most often?