Shift4 Sponsors the Valley Striders

Shift4 employee Chris Mech came to us with an interesting proposal. He asked if we’d be interested in sponsoring the Valley Striders, a running club he belongs to, on a 200-mile, two-day Ragnar relay.

Now why on earth anyone would want to run 200 miles over the course of two days is beyond us, but Chris seemed excited, so we offered to help. We volunteered the famous Shift4 Cruiser as a team support vehicle, provided them with a few cases of water, designed them some awesome team shirts (complete with the Shift4 logo, of course), and sponsored their entry into the event.

“We had a great time,” Chris said. “I know it’s strange what some people call fun, but for me and my fellow Valley Striders, to hop into a van, run some, eat some, sleep some none, and repeat that three or four times over a day and a half is a great time.”

The Striders, “basically just a group of friends that have a running problem” as Chris describes them, donned Shift4 logos on their running shirts as they traversed the entire Las Vegas valley from the 8,500ft heights of Mt. Charleston in the northwest to the beautiful vistas of their Lake Las Vegas finish line some 42 miles to the southeast. That’s 42 miles as the crow flies – their actual, circuitous route covered a little over 197 miles – divided (more-or-less) equally among their 11 team members.

Chris and the Striders finished 6th in their division and were in the top 25% of the more than 500 groups overall.

“For us, the ‘fun’ of the event comes first and breaking our anticipated time second. This year our goal was 30 hours and we came in at 30 hours and 12 minutes – but heck, who’s counting after that long?” he quipped.

Chris started running seriously in 2001, when he completed the New York City marathon. Since then, he has finished more than a dozen marathons and a handful of Ragnar events across the U.S. He came to Shift4 in 2010 as a Security Process Manager and quickly proved himself as a vital member of our team. He currently serves as our Director of Data Center Operations where he works hard to maintain DOLLARS ON THE NET’s industry-leading 99.98% uptime.

Shift4 congratulates Chris and the Valley Striders on a job well done!