April 26, 2019

Shift4 Payments Introduces RESTful API

Shift4 Payments Introduces RESTful API

Shift4 Payments is pleased to announce the general availability of our new RESTful API. With the introduction of this new integration option, our new and existing independent software provider (ISV) partners can now integrate their point of sale or property management systems much faster to Shift4’s payment gateway and network, including our suite of secure payment technologies that support a wide range of payment types, devices, functions, and back-office accounting capabilities. 

If you currently have an integration with Shift4 or are interested in starting one, check out the following information to see how this affects you:

What Is RESTful API?
RESTful (Representational State Transfer) is a modern API that many developers are familiar with. Our REST API simplifies client-server communication using HTTP verbs and endpoints, making the interface more intuitive.

Why Should I Use RESTful API?

  • Flexible and commonly used JSON data format
  • REST endpoints more easily define the request being performed when compared to function request codes, for example “POST/transactions/sale” is more intuitive than FRC 1B
  • We built the exeption handling into our REST API so our partners don’t have to — that means less coding and less testing to get an interface designed and certified
  • Easier to add new fields and functionality while maintaining backward compatibility

Who Can Use Shift4’s RESTful API?
Current integration partners who have an existing payment interface with Shift4 will be given the option to recertify to the new REST API. Shift4 Payments will use the new RESTful API as a standard going forward for all new integration partners. We will continue to support all functionality through the Shift4 legacy API, however some newer features may only be offered on the new REST API format.

When Is it Available?
Shift4’s REST API is available now. For the past year, we have carefully tested with multiple successful pilots and have now released the API as generally available.

How Do I Integrate?
Click here to visit Shift4’s API corner and review the complete REST API document. For additional information, contact your Shift4 Channel Sales Director or email [email protected] to schedule a call with one of our integration engineers.