Shift4.com’s Brand-New Look

We’re excited to announce (although most of you have probably already noticed) that Shift4.com has a brand-new look and feel.
As Shift4 has grown over the past decade, our Web site has grown along with us, being pieced together as needed to explain new products or explain payment industry topics to our merchant customers and partners. A while back, it was decided that a complete overhaul was needed to bring the site up to date with our current branding and to make sure everything was organized in the most efficient way possible.

Starting with a blank canvas, Shift4’s Marketing team has created a new site that we feel is sleeker, quicker to navigate, and easier to understand.

What’s New with Shift4.com?Everything on the site has been updated: the text, the graphics, the layout…everything. But here is a list of features on our new site that didn’t exist on the previous site.

What do I Need to Know?Along with several new products, the redesigned site includes a rebranding of some of our existing offerings. (That means some of the tools and features you are familiar with may have new names.) Please take a moment to review this list of new and/or updated terms.

Take a look around and let us know what you think of the new site by sending feedback to marketing@shift4.com.