Security Your Way

Shift4 is all about flexibility. We provide our merchant customers with the ability to choose and change banks and processors at will. We offer you customizable security solutions that adapt to your unique environments. We also offer a number of configurable options related to the security of your DOLLARS ON THE NET® accounts.
We provide this flexibility so that you can adapt our solution to meet your needs, but we want to take a moment to remind and encourage you to use the strictest DOLLARS ON THE NET account security settings that are feasible for your business. Just because you can use less security, doesn’t mean you should.

When you access the account security settings from an administrator account (by choosing Account Settings and then Account Security), you will see several options with dropdown menus or check boxes. These options let you set minimum password lengths, configure how often users have to change their passwords, set lockouts, etc.

You can configure each of these options yourself manually, using the dropdowns. As you do, check marks will appear to show you which security standards your choice meets or exceeds (PCI DSS, PA-DSS, FIPS, SANS, and OWASP). Or, if you know that you want to be totally compliant with one or more of the standards, just check the box directly below the standard’s name and DOLLARS ON THE NET will automatically change all of the security settings necessary to comply with the standard(s) you selected.

If at all possible, we recommend you check the box marked “Comply with ALL security programs,” as that will provide you and your business with the most security possible. Yes, there may be some “growing pains” as your staff has to create more secure passwords, and possibly change their passwords more often, but that’s a small price to pay for knowing that your account is compliant with some of the industry’s most stringent standards.

If you need help configuring your security settings, please contact Shift4 Support by calling 702.597.2480 (option 2) or by emailing support@shift4.com.