October 4, 2016

Ready for Faster EMV Transactions?

Ready for Faster EMV Transactions?

Last year, we put out an article explaining how the arrival of EMV essentially killed the concept of swipe ahead. With EMV, customers have to wait until all items are rung up and a total is calculated before inserting their cards – and then wait 15-20 agonizing seconds for processing before they can remove their card. Good news! This no longer has to be the case.

We recently added EMV quick chip support with all of the major card brands to combat lengthy EMV transactions. And, with EMV swipe ahead (yes, it probably should be insert ahead, but that doesn’t sound quite as catchy), you can allow consumers to insert their EMV chip cards while the clerk continues to ring up their items. Best of all, they can remove the card after only a few seconds, resulting in happier customers who spend less time staring at the terminal waiting for something to happen.

Quick chip (which reduces transaction times on its own) can be used in tandem with swipe/insert ahead functionality to cut down your transaction times even further. Every second counts in the checkout line.

Quick chip can be enabled in Shift4’s DOLLARS ON THE NET after a simple UTG update, but you need to check with your POS or PMS vendor to make sure that they support swipe/insert ahead. If they don’t, urge them to add support for the functionality so that your customers can enjoy the full benefits of faster EMV transaction times.