May 7, 2013

Periodic Billing

Shift4’s sales team is quick to point out that we “drink our own Kool-Aid.” In other words, we don’t just sell DOLLARS ON THE NET®, we use it. So when Shift4’s accounts-receivable staff logs in to bill our customers, they go straight to Periodic Billing. Whether you run a spa that offers a subscription massage package or a retail store that bills recurring monthly payments on a layaway arrangement, DOLLARS ON THE NET’s Periodic Billing feature could save you time, money, and unnecessary headaches when it comes time to bill your customers.

You have a couple of options available for inputting periodic billing. You could take the time to manually enter all of your customer’s data, as well as the amount owed by each customer, and run the transactions one at a time. (This is the way many of you may be doing it now.) Or, you can use Shift4’s auto-import sweep to import a CSV spreadsheet that automatically pulls the customer data and amount owed and generates a batch of transactions to bill them.

If you bill the same amount each month, the auto-import sweep will help you keep up-to-date on customers added or lost during the prior month. If your billing amount varies month to month, it makes that process infinitely simpler, too. And, with a little development work, you may actually be able to integrate your accounting software with DOLLARS ON THE NET so that your transaction history is exported directly to the accounting application.

There is a small fee for Shift4 to configure Periodic Billing for you, but most companies find it quickly pays for itself not only in terms of increased productivity, but also because the increased accuracy of an auto-import over manually keyed transactions significantly reduces mistakes, chargebacks, and downgrades.
If you would like to learn more about periodic billing, or would like to have it configured on your account, please contact [email protected] with your request.