PCI Community Meeting Recap

It’s no secret that Shift4 and the PCI Council don’t always see eye-to-eye. While we may not like every standard they issue, we recognize the efforts they have made to standardize credit card security best practices around the world. We also understand that the QSAs they train are the people who ultimately decide whether our merchant customers get the simplified PCI experience that we promise in our marketing materials.
This past week, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Council held their North American Community Meeting in Las Vegas (our hometown), and we joined them as the Diamond Sponsor of the event. From hosting a packed-to-capacity welcome reception at Las Vegas’ famous House of Blues, to introducing our brand new (and enormous) tradeshow booth, it was a busy and exciting week for Shift4. We took some great photos – check them out on our Facebook page!

Perhaps the best moment of all, though, was when we invited 160 of the industry’s top minds (including QSAs, ISAs, and other industry experts) to the exclusive Foundation Room atop Mandalay Bay for The Main Event. We billed the event as a meeting of the minds and an opportunity for us to come together and hash out solutions to the industry’s most vexing problems – and that’s exactly what we did.

We talked about everything from the training of QSAs to the value of our TrueTokenization® in comparison to the simplified (bastardized, as we call them) solutions that our competitors offer. We also had plenty of laughs (a few at the Council’s expense) and a few rants that we can’t reprint here because the language may make a few of you blush. Let’s just say plenty of passionate opinions were shared.

We think it’s safe to say that all who attended left entertained and with a lot to think about. Now we have to wait and see how these QSAs apply this new knowledge when it comes time to knock out your next round of assessments. Hopefully our investment pays off!