Our Secure Solutions Make a Big Splash at NRF

Our Secure Solutions Make a Big Splash at NRF

This year’s Retail’s BIG Show by National Retail Federation (NRF) was a huge success for us! While the loud Hawaiian shirts our team was wearing in our surf-themed booth stood out in the crowd, it was our company tagline “secure payment processing” that drew the most attention.

Daniel Montellano, Shift4’s Director of Strategic Business Development, attended the show along with others from the Shift4 team. When he returned from NYC he told us, “Everyone was buzzing about card data breaches, so when they saw we specialize in secure card payments, all they wanted to know was how to avoid being the next victim. The retail world is on fire from recent, devastating breaches – and we provide the best fire extinguisher in the business!”

Our theme for the show was “PCI Compliance Bites. Bite Back with Shift4” and we gave out shark stress balls, had a Shift4 surfboard announcing raffle winners, and were proud to use an Air Aroma fragrance machine to add a hint of coconut to the air. Read their blog post about crafting the fragrance for us here! It was a welcome departure for attendees from the cold rain in NYC. But while our theme was fun, our message was an important one: along with some of the best accounting tools, DOLLARS ON THE NET® provides the security features you need to reduce your breach profile and simplify PCI compliance efforts.

“At the show, we heard from many merchants who are concerned that being PCI compliant isn’t enough. They are realizing they need more than just PCI regulations to be safe. As we always say, merchants have to think about security beyond compliance,” said Montellano.

As our customer, you know we are proud to be a merchant advocate first and foremost. Everything we do is grounded in the belief that merchants need a heavy-hitter in their corner, looking out for their best interest and doing what’s best for them. To all of you who stopped by our booth at NRF, thank you – and know that we’re here to help merchants bite back!