January 9, 2013

Our Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Solution Now Available

We’ve all heard about the benefits of P2PE: removing card data from your entire network and limiting it to the swipe device brings big payoffs in the form of scope reduction and simplified PCI compliance. Well, we’re happy to report that we now have customers actively running P2PE transactions, and we’re ready for you to join them.
If your current Point of Sale/Property Management System (POS/PMS) works with Shift4’s 4Go®, adding P2PE is as simple as plugging in an authorized device and configuring that device through DOLLARS ON THE NET®. If your POS/PMS’s integration to Shift4 does not yet support 4Go, they’ll need to do a little work to get you up and running. But don’t worry, we built our P2PE solution so that it’s easy for POS/PMS vendors to integrate their systems with our new technology – they just need a little motivation.

We are actively reaching out to our POS/PMS partners and encouraging them to integrate with our P2PE solution, but you – being their paying customer – have much more sway than we do. So, if you’d like P2PE sooner rather than later, we need your help.

If you’re interested in adding P2PE, but your POS/PMS vendor doesn’t currently support it, call or email them and ask them to look into integration with Shift4’s solution. If they would like more information, we’re happy to provide it. Have them email [email protected] and we’ll get them in touch with the right person. We’ll also be happy to help them understand why they should integrate to P2PE and what benefits it will bring to them and to you.