December 3, 2013

Online Payments: No Need to Fear

Bloomberg Businessweek recently ran an article about e-commerce merchants choosing to not offer online card payments out of fear, titled “Online Merchants Don’t Want Credit Card Payments.”
Since providing the fastest, most reliable, and most secure card payment processing is what we live and breathe for, we know there are forces out there trying to mislead and scare you about online payments, but we want to set your mind at ease because we have the solution.

Businessweek’s article summarizes recent findings in a survey completed by the National Small Business Association (NSBA) amongst 845 of its members, in which it is revealed that fewer of its merchants are accepting card payments online each year.

While educating merchants on the possible dangers of credit card fraud is important, when available solutions are not discussed, it’s easy to see how merchants would be backing away from processing their own e-commerce transactions. Fortunately, Shift4 can remove this fear and doubt. Whether your business is online, brick-and-mortar, or a combination of both, DOLLARS ON THE NET® has you covered. Our solution makes it simple to integrate online payments into your current business, and – best of all – your PCI scope doesn’t increase because we handle all of the sensitive payment data.

In a letter included in the survey, written by NSBA executives, they say, “When it comes to selling online, there was a notable drop in small busi­nesses that accept credit or debit cards as payment…likely due in part to increasing worries about cybersecurity as well as costs and lack of transparency when it comes to swipe fees.” Many of the merchant members polled have chosen payment methods such as PayPal, as opposed to processing payment cards on their own.

Our message: don’t let articles such as this one scare you; with DOLLARS ON THE NET, your business – no matter how large or small – enjoys high-speed connections to the processor and bank of your choice, extensive auditing capabilities, and the industry’s leading tokenization solution, TrueTokenization®, all for pennies per transaction. With us, adding support for e-commerce is an easy, safe, and smart choice for your business.

If you are thinking about adding an online presence to your business or would like more information on e-commerce transactions with DOLLARS ON THE NET, please visit or email [email protected].