September 4, 2012

Now is the Time for UTG® Updates

The need to keep Shift4’s Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) updated is a frequent subject in the pages of 4Sight. It seems we’ve mentioned it every few months for as long as we’ve been publishing this newsletter. So, we may be preaching to the choir a little bit here when we tell you, our faithful readers, that we have recently begun an outbound calling campaign to encourage merchants to update their UTG version.
While the vast majority of our merchant customers are running a current build, we still have about 1,000 merchants who are using severely outdated versions. These older build versions continue to provide reliable tokenization and transaction processing, but they cannot support many of the newer devices (including those devices needed for Google Wallet or EMV payments). Merchants who have not updated are also missing out on the simplicity and security of Secure Offline Stand-In™ (SOS), which Shift4 announced more than 18 months ago!

Because we want all of our customers to have the very best we have to offer, we have recently started calling those customers who are missing these features due to their use of an outdated UTG installation. If you happen to get a call from our Customer Service team, please take the time to work with them and install the newest version of the UTG. Not only will you gain access to the most current features, you will also reap the benefits of hundreds of tweaks and bug fixes that make DOLLARS ON THE NET® run even faster and more smoothly.

Even in the worst case scenario (we have to walk you through a complete, manual reinstall), the entire update process shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes – and we can schedule it at your convenience. If you know your UTG version is out-of-date, or you’re not sure and just want to double check, give us a call at 702.597.2480 (option 2) or e-mail [email protected].