July 2, 2013

News From the Shift4 Development Team

Our Development team is continuously working on updates, upgrades, and new features for our DOLLARS ON THE NET® merchant customers. Below are some of the newest features available to you.1. i4Go® Supports Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE)
If you use i4Go in your hosted POS/PMS or kiosk terminal, we’ve got some exciting news. You can now add an approved swipe device and have near-instant access to the PCI-scope-reduction benefits of P2PE.

What do we mean by near-instant? Well, that means with only two minor changes in the parameters for your payment information form and the adjustment of two selections in your i4Go settings, you’re ready to go. It should take you about five minutes to do, and if you call Shift4 Support, we’ll be happy to walk you through it!

2. New Features for MICROS Users
In addition to the plug-and-play P2PE solutions that you can read about in our recent press release, we’ve added a couple more features for MICROS terminals.

First, for 3700 and 9700 terminal devices, we’ve added a new card-verification feature that will require the clerk to verify back-to-back use of the same card at the same terminal, helping to alert against possible fraud. Also, we’ve added support for multiple merchant IDs on a single server for MICROS Simphony v1.6.

As always, Shift4 Support is happy to help you get these changes configured and functioning at your property.

3. Canadian EMV Support for American Express
We now offer the ability to directly process Canadian EMV transactions to American Express – saving merchants from paying third-party processing fees.

4. New Devices Supported
Shift4 now supports the Ingenico iSC250 and iSC350 (P2PE) PIN pads. Best of all, implementation is easy; just order an iSC250 or iSC350 that is injected with the Shift4 key, then plug it in and select the device within UTG TuneUp.

We’ve added contactless (Near Field Communication – NFC) support for the VeriFone MX870, meaning merchants can process contactless cards as well as ISIS and Google Wallet transactions.

5. Automatic Form Loading via the Universal Transaction Gateway®
If you’re using an Ingenico Telium device, we added a feature that will allow you to push new forms to your devices through our Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®). Now when you add a customized form for a season, event, or promotion, you don’t have to individually load it to each device. Just upload that form to the UTG and it will be sent out to all connected Telium devices.

For more information on any of these new features, please contact Shift4 Support by emailing [email protected] or by calling 702.597.2480 (option 2).