May 6, 2014

News From the Development Team

News From the Development Team

Our Development team is constantly working to improve our offerings so DOLLARS ON THE NET® and all of our other solutions work faster and better for you. We hope you’re enjoying the enhanced usability of DOLLARS ON THE NET. Below are some other updates.
Support for New Devices
New payment terminals have recently been added to our list of supported devices:

The Verifone MX 925 and Ingenico’s iSC Touch 480 both feature a 7” color screen so your customers see targeted promotional videos while checking out. And when the Ingenico device uses our point-to-point encryption (P2PE) solution, provided to our merchant customers at no additional cost, your POS system never handles sensitive cardholder data.

According to ID TECH’s website, the “SREDKey ensures secure reading and exchange of data (SRED) to protect the cardholder’s account information at the point of acceptance. The SREDKey meets PCI certifications with its encrypted MSR and secure data entry process for protection of non-PIN cardholder data.”

MetaToken Update
The current versions of the Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®), version 2252 or higher, include an update to our MetaToken feature. You can choose the MetaToken type you’d like returned during the authorization request. For example, a merchant may want a MetaToken to maintain either the last four numbers of the payment card number or the first six. And with this update, that merchant can specify which format they’d like returned.

If you would like to learn more about our MetaToken feature, or to have it activated for your account, please contact [email protected].

Thanks to our Development team for always working so hard to improve Shift4 products!