NetCharge is now 4VT®

Shift4 has included the NetCharge virtual terminal as part of DOLLARS ON THE NET® since the product was released more than a decade ago. NetCharge has always been an extremely useful application, bringing the power of our solution to any merchant with a computer and Internet access. Now, however, with the ever-increasing use of mobile technology and wireless Internet access, a virtual terminal is more advantageous than ever. As such, we wanted to highlight the usefulness of NetCharge while bringing it in line with our corporate branding. The result is 4VT®: a virtual terminal for virtually any environment.

4VT mimics a full-feature credit card terminal; extending your business opportunities by providing revenue centers anywhere you have Internet access. In the real world, that means a laptop with Wi-Fi out by the pool can act as a revenue center linked directly to DOLLARS ON THE NET – becoming an express lane for customer checkout. With 4VT the possibilities are endless.

In addition to flexibility and portability, 4VT maintains all of the auditing, fraud control, security, and reporting capabilities of DOLLARS ON THE NET, making it the ultimate tool for your business.

4VT allows you to process both card-present and card-not-present transactions, with full security support for both. Card data can be captured via a card swipe device plugged into a PC or mobile device’s USB port, and a keyboard or 10-key for PIN entry. Address Verification Services (AVS), Card Verification Value (CVV2/CVC2), and CID codes (three- or four- digit security code) ensure better discount rates and chargeback defense. 4VT even offers the option to connect a terminal receipt printer.

You can take advantage of this functionality today, with no additional setup or configuration. Just log in to DOLLARS ON THE NET from any Internet connection and select “Online Entry” under the “Current” tab. If you need assistance, feel free to contact our support department at support@shift4.com or call (702) 597-2480 and select option 2.

By utilizing 4VT, merchants can do business where it is most convenient for them – with all the Shift4 benefits they already enjoy. We’re excited to hear your ideas and success stories for this outstanding product; e-mail them to (marketing@shift4.com) or post them on Facebook or Twitter.