August 7, 2013

MICROS® Users, Check with Us Before Buying New Hardware

Shift4 has a longstanding and strong relationship with MICROS. We have spent years developing integrations and adding security to different MICROS terminals, and we do our best to remain at the forefront of advancing technologies.
As new technologies including point-to-point encryption, mobile payments, contactless, etc., continue to flood the market, we are seeing a problematic trend arise: too many merchants are rushing to adopt these new technologies without stopping to consider everything that is involved.

Shift4’s Secure Suite for MICROS, the PA-DSS-validated application that makes our advanced technologies work on MICROS devices, is only certified on a certain subset of MICROS’ products. Shift4 merchant customers who run out and buy the latest MICROS terminal or third-party mobile device that claims full integration with MICROS may find themselves with a solution that is not yet fully supported by Shift4.

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re excited to see MICROS and its partners diving into new technologies. We foresee some great advancements both in security and in customer experience as a result of these changes; we’d just hate to see you add on a new technology and unknowingly expose yourself to additional risk. By all means, we support your decision to adopt new technologies, we just ask you to take one simple step before buying new hardware or before adding new devices to your MICROS setup – call us!

Our support staff will be able to quickly and easily tell you if the product you’re considering will work with Shift4. If it’s not yet supported, we may be able to put it on a development timeline to get certified. You know we’re committed to advancing our technologies and to ensuring that our merchants have the flexibility to implement the solutions that are right for their businesses. So give us a heads-up and we’ll help you solidify your plans.

As always, Shift4 Support is standing by to assist you with any issues you might have – and to help you determine whether that new device will work with your current setup. Give us a call at 702.597.2480 (option 2) and we’ll make sure you’re moving in the right direction.