Micros 3700 Swipe Issues with Secure Suite for Micros

Shift4 has recently identified a glitch that can occur in certain scenarios with Micros 3700 systems that are running a piece of technology called “Special Swipe” interfacing with our Secure Suite for Micros. Since the issue only arises when the product is used in conjunction with Shift4’s driver, please contact us and not Micros support to resolve it.
“Special Swipe,” a technology provided by Micros, gathers partial card data from erratic (too fast, back-and-forth, or repeated) swipes and attempts to combine those partial reads into a single, intelligible swipe.

The problem surfaces when “Special Swipe” is installed on your Micros terminals along with Shift4’s Secure Suite for Micros and clerks swipe erratically. When “Special Swipe” kicks in, it has a tendency to send the complete card number saved from the previous transaction to 4Go and on to DOLLARS ON THE NET®. It is easy to imagine the confusion and frustration that might ensue if your last customer’s card was charged for the transaction immediately following their own.

With this in mind, we have added code to assist with this issue and to prevent these errors from happening to your customers. If you’re a Micros 3700 user, please take a moment to see if your system has “Special Swipe” and if it does, contact Shift4 so we can ensure your system receives this updated version of Secure Suite for Micros.

To determine if you have “Special Swipe” and if you need the Shift4 update, go to the 4Go screen. On the bottom right of the screen you should see a button. If that button says “display version,” you are up-to-date and do not need to update. If the button is blank, click it. Upon clicking, you should see a screen display. If you see (ss) in the line of information on the pop-up, you have Special Swipe on that terminal and need to contact our 24/7 Technical Support Help Desk to update to the new version of Secure Suite for Micros.

Support can be reached by calling 702.597.2480, option 2, or by e-mailing support@shift4.com.