July 14, 2011

Is it Time for a Browser Upgrade?

Have you ever seen a company campaign against its own product? It’s certainly a rare occurrence, but Microsoft is currently in a campaign against one of its products – and has been for several months.
In March of 2011, Microsoft officially launched a campaign against Internet Explorer 6. Why? Well, despite being three generations behind, Microsoft found that more than 12% of the world’s Internet users were still using this 10-year-old product.

To quote from Microsoft’s campaign Web site, www.ie6countdown.com, “There are many benefits of upgrading to a newer version of Internet Explorer – improved speed, tabbed browsing, and better privacy settings to name a few. The web has changed significantly over the past 10 years. The browser has evolved to adapt to new web technologies, and the latest versions of Internet Explorer help protect you from new attacks and threats.”

We echo Microsoft’s sentiments and encourage those of you who might be running an old browser to upgrade as soon as possible. Not only will you have a hard time accessing all of Shift4’s features (some are just too complex to run on a decade-old browser) but you may also be setting yourself up for a security breach. And, should a breach occur, having an old and potentially insecure browser in the mix may give forensic auditors the excuse they need to declare PCI non-compliance and to place fault on you, the merchant.

If you’re still using an old browser (be it IE6, Firefox 2.5, or anything else that is older than the average 4th grader), now is the time to upgrade. If you are at the mercy of an IT department that is not quite ready to make the change, maybe the information you find here will help spur them along.

Good luck!