May 2, 2017

Introducing the New 4Word

Introducing the New 4Word

More security, added versatility – and a new look, too. Shift4’s 4Word gives merchants a way to share and control cardholder data (CHD) with a trusted third party so that payments can be processed according to the merchant’s business requirements or need, whether that third party is a Shift4 customer or not. We’ve recently completed a major update to the 4Word web app that helps merchants increase login security and the application’s usability – especially for those doing business internationally.

Check out what’s new:

  • Multifactor Authentication Administrators can require multifactor authentication (MFA) for anyone they invite to use the 4Word web app. This provides a more secure way to verify a user’s identity at login. We highly recommend that you enable MFA for any user who has access to see unmasked CHD. To get the benefits of MFA, you can use Shift4’s own veri4 iOS app or Google Authenticator.
  • Four Words, a TrueToken, or Either – Even though it is more secure to obtain four words from a TrueToken to reveal CHD to third parties, Shift4 has answered a merchant request by now offering in the 4Word web app the ability to directly enter a TrueToken to temporarily reveal CHD (instead of requiring a third-party to enter only four words). This enhancement may make it easier for global businesses where the dominant language is not English to process payments in countries that Shift4 may not yet process, or as a “stop-gap” measure prior to obtaining an updated version of your POS/PMS system that supports the generation of four words. In our commitment to your security, this feature is controlled by administrative settings in DOLLARS ON THE NET where you can set the preference to four words, TrueToken, or either, for any user that you invite.
  • Delegates – When you invite a user to the 4Word web app, you can now optionally allow that user to create delegates. A delegate is someone at a third party whom the merchant allows to invite other users. The permissions the merchant has designated for that delegate will be honored for any users the delegate invites to use the 4Word web app, but they will not be able to create other delegates.

You can set any of these new features when you use DOLLARS ON THE NET to invite users to the 4Word web app. In addition, the settings in Shift4’s Merchant Configuration Vault will need to be updated by Shift4’s Account Setup team to support the TrueToken functionality previously mentioned. And, if you’re not taking advantage of 4Word already, they can assist you with adding it to your account. If your POS/PMS cannot yet obtain four words, let us know and we will give them a shout out to do so!

For detailed information about how to use these new features, see the Account Administrator Guide in DOLLARS ON THE NET Help. Additionally, the 4Word Reference Guide is a new document available to the users you invite. You can access it in DOLLARS ON THE NET Help and they can access it in the 4Word web app.