Important Message from Shift4 Support

In our efforts to continue to provide world-class service, Shift4 is constantly enhancing and updating our offerings and infrastructure. We are in the process of bringing an additional state-of-the-art data center online, and in that process have, and will continue, to modify and add new front-end telecommunication connections. This will result in increased bandwidth, availability and redundancy – increasing processing speed and enhancing solution resiliency.

As these new connections come online, it is very important that merchants ensure their IP restrictions are configured in the manner prescribed by Shift4 during our installation process.

UTG requires no inbound Internet firewall rules whatsoever. However, good security practice is to limit outbound connectivity to the Internet. In order to correctly interact with Shift4 Corporation’s Internet-based systems, and when creating outbound firewall rules, merchants must allow for a range of IP addresses which may be used by the UTG.

In the interest of security, the IP addresses are not published here, but they can be provided to clients by our Customer Support representatives. If you need assistance with this or any other issue, please contact us at 702.597.2480 (select option 2) or via e-mail at support@shift4.com.