October 1, 2013

IE7 and Compatibility Mode No Longer Supported

Approximately two weeks ago, Shift4 ended support for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 7. Users still running this outdated, and therefore unsecure, browser will not be able to access DOLLARS ON THE NET® until they upgrade to a more current version.
Eighteen months ago, Shift4 started a campaign to encourage our merchant customers to upgrade to modern Internet browsers. Merchants trying to access DOLLARS ON THE NET from an outdated browser were directed to a Web page explaining the dangers of using old browsers (in addition to lacking support for new features and new technologies, these outdated solutions also lack key security elements and may leave merchants more vulnerable to a data breach) and providing them with links to download the most recent versions of the five most common Internet browsers.

There is no cost associated with upgrading an Internet browser and the installation process is simple. A list of currently supported browsers (along with direct links to their respective download pages) is provided below.
If you are using version 8, 9, or 10 of Internet Explorer, you may likewise experience issues accessing DOLLARS ON THE NET if your browser has “Compatibility View” enabled. Compatibility View is an IE feature that helps you view websites that were designed for earlier versions of the browser. However, enabling it can cause websites that were designed for more current browsers to malfunction. You can turn this feature off in the Internet Explorer tools menu.

If you need additional help or have any questions, please email [email protected].