Helpful Hints for Working with Shift4 Customer Support

While it’s true that Shift4’s Customer Support staff strive for one-call resolution (and achieve it more than 75% of the time), many of you know that some issues require more than one call – and more than one person – to remedy.

While we invest both substantial time and money into the training of our frontline Support staff and empower them to deal with the vast majority of issues without escalation, it is inevitable that a few requests will go beyond their technical capabilities or their security level. In these cases the requests are put through a very well-defined escalations policy.

Occasionally, the most effective way to solve more complicated issues is to break them into smaller pieces. (This is why you may sometimes receive a call from a Shift4 employee other than the one you originally spoke to.) We believe firmly in the power of specialization, which is why we have highly trained representatives with unique experience and skill sets assigned to a number of teams within our Support department. From Installations and Account Creation to Account Maintenance, Technical Services, and even liaisons to the Development department, we make sure that we are prepared to handle any request that comes to us.

Also, at every hour of the day – 365 days a year – there are supervisors, managers, directors, and even a member of the Shift4 executive team available to handle escalated support requests. It’s all part of our commitment to world-class customer service – a tradition we were built upon and one we will never let go.

With the possibility of all these people handling your call, we have one request of you. That is, when you contact one of our representatives (or the Support Department in general), please be sure to provide us with your account number or case number. This is especially important if you are leaving a voicemail or contacting us via e-mail. While we wish we knew all of our customers on a first-name basis, it could be quite difficult considering we have 1,500 ladies named Barbara on our customer list (and that’s not even the most popular one)! Last names would be even more difficult – because 2,758 of you share the last name Patel!

So please, give us an easy way to figure out which Barbara we’re trying to help and we promise to do all we can to resolve your issue in a timely and effective manner!

If you have any questions or open cases that need attention, give us a call at 702.598.2480, option 2, or drop us a line at support@shift4.com. Just don’t forget to have your account or case number handy! We look forward to assisting you.