November 5, 2013

Gift Cards for the Holidays – IT’S YOUR CARD®

What’s the ultimate stocking stuffer? Keys to a new car, of course. But only slightly less awesome are gift cards.

Consumer surveys show that since 2007, gift cards have been the most requested item on holiday wish lists, and in 2011 (the most recent year for which records are available) gift cards accounted for 18% of all holiday gift purchases.
As consumers, we all know how easy and effective gift cards are, but as retailers do you realize just how important they are? Here are a few more facts that might surprise you: 61% of gift card holders spend more than the amount of their gift card (an average of 60% more) and 55% of gift card recipients require more than one shopping trip to spend the balance of their card. What does that mean for you? It means that every dollar you sell in gift cards could result in 2-3 purchases from the recipient, with an average ticket more than 60% higher than the card’s value.

Intrigued? Of course you are. So why aren’t you selling gift cards?

We understand that adding a third-party gift card solution can be costly and confusing, but we’ve taken the confusion and high costs out of gift card processing with IT’S YOUR CARD® (IYC). With IYC, you can generate, activate, top-up (add value), and process gift cards from within DOLLARS ON THE NET® using the same hardware you already have.

IYC supports traditional and electronic gift cards, prepaid cards, merchandise return cards, limited-time offers, teen cards, discount cards, employee expense account cards, and more. It also works with (and simplifies) any gift card system you may already be using.

Best of all, if you hurry, you may still have time to get up and running before the holiday rush. To get the process started, email [email protected] soon!