December 4, 2012

Four Billion Strong – and Growing!

Pardon the obvious borrowing of FLINTSTONES™ vitamins’ catchphrase in our title, but we felt it fit the exciting news we have to share with you. As we built the token counter for our newly redesigned Web site, we realized something pretty cool. Somewhere back in early September, while we were hard at work on the new site, Shift4 surpassed the four billion token mark.

That’s right, we’ve processed more than four billion tokenized transactions since we introduced the technology back in 2005. Now, here’s a little math to put that in perspective. Shift4 has processed 4 billion tokenized transactions in 7 years; that means we average:

571 million transactions per year
1.57 million transactions per day
65,000 transactions per hour
1087 transactions per minute
18 transactions per second
every second of every day…

Now we realize these numbers aren’t exact because we’re averaging seven years of data without taking into account the growth of our company. So really our current totals are probably closer to 21 transactions per second, whereas our numbers in 2005 were closer to 13 or 14… but that’s too much math for a newsletter.

What does this all mean? Well, it means Shift4 is growing steadily as merchants realize the value of our offering. It means our TrueTokenization® is absolutely the most tested, proven, mature solution on the market today (no one else even comes close to those kind of numbers). And it means our specialized, redundant, secure infrastructure has proven that it has the ability to grow and stretch to meet our merchant customers’ needs.

On the subject of infrastructure, as a result of our recent growth, we announced late last year that a new data center had been created. In preparation for the major growth we are anticipating over the next few years, we are pleased to announce that negotiations are underway to house an additional data center – Shift4’s third – in one of the world’s most secure, reliable data centers. (More on that as the approvals come in and details begin to emerge – but suffice it to say, we’re excited!)

At the time of publication, Shift4 is just shy of 4.3 billion tokens, and while the numbers prove that we are a huge player in the industry, we hope that you realize we don’t act like one – at least not when it comes to customer service. We’re a family business at heart and we recognize that all of our success comes from the relationships we keep with you, our loyal customers. We thank you for helping us reach this tremendous milestone and look forward to billions and billions more!