February 1, 2016

February Release – Shift4’s UTG® Update

February Release – Shift4’s UTG® Update

Shift4 provides the latest and greatest payment technologies to keep your business running smoothly. We listen to your feedback and update our Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) nearly every month, keeping your payment security, efficiency, and business operations in mind with each new UTG build. While some of these updates are minor tweaks, others may have a larger impact on your business, so we’re going to be highlighting new UTG updates every month in our 4Sight® newsletter.

This month’s UTG release, 2280, will be available to you later this month. When you perform this upgrade, you will have access to all of our most recent additions, including:

  • Forms Package to Continue Allowing Manual Key Entry on Ingenico RBA Devices
    If you use Ingenico devices with RBA software, you will need to download new forms to continue allowing manual key entry. A single form (BCOD.K3Z) is being replaced by two forms (CARD.K3Z and CARDM.K3Z). Be sure to install these two new forms before you perform the February UTG update. Just contact our Customer Support team for the link to download the RBA forms package and you’ll be set.
  • EMV Capability on Select Verifone Devices
    We’re already processing EMV transactions on Ingenico RBA software devices. With this UTG update, merchants using Verifone MX 915 or MX 925 devices can process EMV transactions, too. If your processor and system provider are both certified with Shift4 for EMV and you’re using the latest version of the UTG, call our Customer Support team and we’ll walk you through the required setup to process EMV transactions.
  • Ability to Inject Up to Five Processor Keys on Ingenico RBA Devices
    Using multiple processors across your property or at various locations? This UTG update allows you to inject up to five processor keys on a single Ingenico RBA device. No need to keep an inventory of devices with separate keys for each processor – just change the debit key index whenever you need to swap them out.
  • “Cash Back” Option for Debit Cards on Select Ingenico and Verifone Devices
    Improve the consumer experience with cash back functionality. This update gives you the ability to prompt consumers with a cash back option when they use debit cards for payment on Ingenico RBA devices and Verifone MX 915 and MX 925 devices.
  • Ability to Prompt for Tips
    The UTG allows merchants to configure tip prompting with or without preset tipping options. Larger touchscreen devices allow for a total of four configurable preset tipping options and smaller format devices enable two preset tipping options due to the physical button limitation. To turn on tipping, go into UTG TuneUp and select the option to enable tip prompting.

If you need assistance updating the UTG, or if you have any other questions, call our Customer Support team at 702.597.2480 (option 2) or email [email protected]. We’re always happy to help!