Expecting Increased Transaction Volume?

Expecting Increased Transaction Volume?

As the weather is warming up and many of you are gearing up for your busy season, Shift4 is springing into action as well! Odds are good that you have something planned this year that will result in a significant increase or spike in your transaction volume.

  • Have a large conference coming up?
  • Conducting a major sporting event?
  • Planning a spring clearance sale?

Let us know about it ahead of time! We like to take note of what’s happening with our customers’ businesses and are ready to assist you should any payments issues arise.

Shift4 is committed to providing world-class customer service in a timely and accurate manner, and we’ll be there for you should things get hectic. Our skilled Customer Service representatives are available 24/7/365 to investigate and determine where the problem lies (e.g., if it is related to POS systems, the gateway, processing, or if it is operational by nature) and get you on the path to a resolution. 

Help us help you. Let us know about your upcoming event in advance. Please send us an email at myaccount@shift4.com or call us at 702.597.2480 (option 2).