August 2, 2016

EMV Devices: Which Ones Shift4 Supports and How to Get Them

EMV Devices: Which Ones Shift4 Supports and How to Get Them

Many of you have been looking into purchasing new payment devices to accept EMV chip cards. Shift4 has carefully selected a variety of secure EMV devices. And, with nearly a dozen different device options currently offered, you can customize your EMV setup to fit your specific business.

New! Direct Link to Our EMV Device List
To make it easier for you to see which EMV-capable devices we support, we’ve created a direct link to an up-to-date list. To the right of the model name, you’ll find a PDF brochure with a picture of the device, details about its unique features, and information about how to order. We hope you find this handy!

All of these devices work with our True P2PE™ (point-to-point encryption) and TrueTokenization® solutions to ensure that you never store, process, or transmit sensitive cardholder data. And yes, they are PCI PTS-validated and SRED-compliant, too – so when you use them, you can feel confident you’re using the most comprehensive security available.

If you have any questions about the process or are unsure how to order devices, we’re always here to help! You can contact our 24/7/365 Customer Support team at [email protected] or 702.597.2480 (option 2).

Don’t Forget – VT4 Supports EMV, Too!
Adding a new mobile profit center can enhance your customers’ experience – and increase your revenue! Our VT4® mobile payment solution turns any internet-connected device into a P2PE-secured point of sale that can be used in tandem with the traditional payment devices you’re already using. And, VT4 supports all of the most popular payment methods, including EMV, NFC/contactless, and whatever comes next. Want to learn more? Check it out.