e-Commerce Survey: What Solution do You Use?

A few months ago, we published an article called “Unifying Your Revenue Centers.” In that article we talked about our 350+ POS/PMS integrations and how we support most of the solutions you are likely to use. Proactively developing integrations to the industry’s top players has helped us become the world’s largest card-present gateway.
In the card-present world, we’re tops when it comes to flexibility and integration options. Now, however, we are increasingly seeing our clients moving into the digital world. Your revenue centers are not just POS and PMS devices anymore; now, you’re adding e-Commerce shopping carts into the mix.

As we mentioned back in April, keeping all of your revenue centers under Shift4’s protective umbrella provides both simplicity and security. Because we know it’s important and we want to help you achieve that goal, we’ve developed integrations to several e-Commerce solutions and are planning to write additional integrations to some of the most popular shopping cart solutions.

Please take a moment to leave a comment belonw telling us what e-Commerce solution (if any) you use. Your feedback may help shape future development projects.