August 2, 2016

Don’t Miss Out On Our Extensive Software Updates

Don’t Miss Out On Our Extensive Software Updates

As dedicated merchant advocates, we listen to your feedback and regularly update our payment solutions to optimize your payment processing efficiency and security. In the last month, we’ve released software updates for our Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®), DOLLARS ON THE NET® payment gateway, and VT4® mobile point-of-sale solution.

Here is a breakdown of the major additions:


  • Additional Devices – The UTG officially supports two additional wireless Ingenico payment devices: iWL 252 and iWL 258.


  • Multifactor Authentication – Merchants now have the option to use multifactor authentication to further secure their account. When enabled, DOLLARS ON THE NET will prompt the user to enter a unique, six-digit passcode in addition to the account number, username, and password. This passcode can be obtained from the Google Authenticator app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Custom Batches – We’ve added the ability to create a custom batch by selecting one or more transactions to be include in a separate batch. This gives merchants more granular control over their settlements.
  • Highlight Modified Transactions – Transactions that have been modified within DOLLARS ON THE NET will now be highlighted, making them easier to identify and review. You can even use the new “modified only” viewing option to see all of the transactions that have been changed in Current Transactions and Archived Transactions.
  • Batch ID – We’ve replaced “Archive ID” with “Batch ID” in all cases, so don’t be surprised when you no longer see Archive ID.
  • New EMV Device Settings – We have added more EMV device settings and functionalities, allowing you to customize your implementation, including an offline option and support for five cardholder verification methods.
  • New Viewing Options – We’ve added six new viewing options to the Current Transactions and Archived Transactions pages, allowing you to customize the transactions displayed by card security code (CSC) and Address Verification System (AVS) results.
  • IT’S YOUR CARD® (IYC) Enhancements – There are a few new options for merchants who use SiteBuilder for their IYC website. Also, when creating a batch of IYC cards, you can now set a specific expiration date.

For more information about how to use these new features, don’t forget to check out DOLLARS ON THE NET Help.


  • EMV Enhancements – We’ve made some improvements to our EMV support in VT4, including updates to signature capture and PIN pad capabilities.
  • Room Charge Support – VT4 is the first mobile payment solution to use the HTNG room charge standard, allowing hoteliers to bill transactions directly to a guest’s room folio.
  • Demo Mode – Run mock transactions to familiarize yourself with VT4 before setting up an account with Shift4.
  • Multiple Tax Rates – Create multiple tax profiles for items and services with inclusive and exclusive tax rates, allowing you to accurately charge for products and services depending on state, county, item-specific, and other tax rates.
  • New Gift Card Functionality – In addition to accepting payments with gift cards, you can now purchase, activate, refund, cash out, and check the balance of gift cards using VT4.
  • Advanced Reporting – Generate transaction and tax reports, giving you more reporting and auditing options.
  • Refund Options – You can now enter a reason when processing refunds, giving you another level of customization and improving your record-keeping.
  • Session Timeout Notice – VT4 will now alert you before your session times out, keeping you from being logged off unexpectedly.

If you have any questions or want to learn more about these enhancements, feel free to call our Customer Support team at 702.597.2480 (option 2) or email [email protected].