November 21, 2011

Don’t Lose Out on Hard-Earned Revenue – Use Aging Warning

After you’ve done all the work in a transaction – made the sale and accepted the client’s payment – if it isn’t batched out and settled in a timely manner, you get nothing for your efforts. And you may be losing money, as well. Sadly, Shift4’s Support staff has received numerous phone calls from merchants who have fallen victim to this unfortunate issue. These merchants have lost thousands of dollars in revenue because an auditor didn’t settle out transactions from three, six, or even 12 months ago. Shift4 has a tool to help you avoid this problem: the Aging Warning.

The Aging Warning is a feature that can be enabled by your DOLLARS ON THE NET® Account Administrator that will alert designated employees when a transaction is overdue for settlement. With a few simple mouse clicks, you can be safeguarded from having aging sale transactions become unusable because they haven’t been settled – and save money in the process. Of course, the Aging Warning feature, like everything else Shift4 provides you, is part of DOLLARS ON THE NET and comes included at no additional cost.

Configuring the Aging Warning is simple:

1. Your DOLLARS ON THE NET administrator designates e-mail recipients that will receive the Aging Warning.
2. The Admin configures the number of business days that they are willing to let transactions age before the Aging Warning flags them.
3. The Admin designates the hour that they want the Aging Warning to check for aging transactions and then selects the business days that auditing takes place. The purpose of this is to prevent the Aging Warning notification being sent on days that auditing is not performed (e.g., a business may audit Monday through Friday but not on the weekends. By not having Saturday or Sunday checked, the Aging Warning will not check for aging transactions on these days, meaning the next time it will check for aged transactions will be Monday).

Taking a few minutes to set up Aging Warning could save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue, so set it up today! Our Support staff is standing by to assist you if needed at 702.597.2480, option 2.