Don’t Forgo the Benefits of 4Go®

Among the many technological marvels that Shift4 has created to help merchants, 4Go® is one of the biggest. If you don’t know much about 4Go (and its security-increasing, PCI-headache-reducing goodness), it’s high time the two of you were acquainted.
What Is 4Go?
4Go serves as a driver-based firewall that runs on a merchant’s Point-of-Sale (POS) or Property Management System (PMS) terminal. It intercepts cardholder data (CHD) as soon as it is swiped – before it ever enters the POS or PMS – and replaces it with either false cardholder data (FCHD) or a TrueToken, thereby eliminating CHD vulnerability as it travels over networks or is stored in local log files. The actual CHD is sent to one of Shift4’s PCI-compliant data centers for storage while the TrueToken is used to complete the transaction. Since the TrueToken only references the real data associated with a specific transaction for a specific merchant, it can be safely stored and used for later authorization, settlement, and recurring charges.

How 4Go Helps with PCI Compliance
4Go prevents credit card information from entering the merchant’s POS application. Because the merchant’s system is no longer storing, processing, or transmitting CHD, it is considered to be a business application rather than a payment application. This is how older and legacy POS/PMS systems that employ 4Go can become secure and compliant and get out of the scope of PCI.

By implementing 4Go, you can minimize the expense of purchasing new PCI-compliant software or hardware, which saves you substantial costs and inconvenience.

Stepping Up to 4Go
The benefits of 4Go and the security it brings are many. However, with this increase in security comes the need to ensure that your merchant environment is up to snuff.

After the implementation of 4Go into your merchant environment, you will no longer be handling actual card data. This may have an impact on some of your current business practices or your software/hardware setup. The following are a few areas that might be affected as a result of strengthening your security with 4Go. We will work with you on these and other details so that we can create a comprehensive plan for implementing 4Go as seamlessly as possible into your merchant environment:

  • Your Hardware and Software
    Your hardware/software must meet the minimum requirements for Shift4’s Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®), the central component of 4Go
  • Your Current Business Practices
    4Go prevents CHD from entering your system, providing you the very best in security. So, using 4Go may require you to alter or cease practices that are less-secure or not PCI-compliant (e.g., clerk-handled manual entries, invoice numbers, reference numbers, or any tasks/searches/reports that require use of the full card number).
  • Your Operating System
    4Go is only compatible with the Windows operating system. Other operating systems (e.g., Linux) are not supported.
  • Your DOLLARS ON THE NET® Configuration
    Enabling 4Go and its protective security features may require you to alter or reconfigure your current DOLLARS ON THE NET® administrative settings.
  • Payment Types You Currently Accept
    Payment types that need to be bypassed because they are currently unable to be integrated within Shift4 solutions must be reviewed (i.e., payment types not currently configured within your payment application solution, such as gift cards or discounts).
  • Reporting
    Implementing 4Go may require modification to aspects of your POS/PMS system in order to keep your current reporting system up to spec. Or, you may need to rely solely on DOLLARS ON THE NET’s advanced report system.

Again, these are things that our experienced support staff can clarify for you and assist in setting up. With your help, we can expedite the process and get you on the path to greater security with 4Go that much sooner.

Speak with our Customer Service department today to get 4Go going in your payment processing.

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