DOLLARS ON THE NET: So Much for Just Pennies

At current national average prices, for the pennies Shift4 charges for a typical transaction, you could buy almost two tablespoons of gasoline, which is just about enough to back your SUV out of the driveway. Or, for the same amount, Shift4 will provide you with all of this:
A secure, reliable gateway between your POS, PMS, or e-Commerce system and the bank, processor, or merchant services provider (MSP) of your choice.

Multiple high-speed connections to the bank/processor of your choice for authorizations in less than three seconds, with 98% processing in less than two seconds.

A SaaS-based accounting application that gives you the ability to securely audit, edit, report, settle, archive, and retrieve your credit, debit, and gift card transactions (both pre- and post-auth) from anywhere in the world. This helps you lower your effective discount rate by eliminating inaccurate transactions, preventing downgrades, and helping you avoid unnecessary authorization fees.

Assured Delivery – our proprietary technology that helps you avoid lost and/or duplicated transactions, it also saves you time, money, and frustration.

Direct processing to American Express that accelerates funding and eliminates fees paid to third-party processors.

Up to 24 months of transaction archives for reporting, retrieval requests, and chargeback defense.

Industry-leading cardholder data (CHD) security utilizing our 4Go Secure Suite®, which includes TrueTokenization®, 4Go®, and i4Go® that combine to remove the burden of storing, processing, or transmitting CHD. Never allowing CHD in your system can alleviate a lot of your PCI requirements.

Data-in-transit security – our P2P encryption was designed using multiple industry-standard and vetted encryption protocols. Our proprietary Derived Unique Key Per Transaction with Moving Target Encryption (DUKPT w/MTE) transport encryption technology is much faster and 200 times more secure than SSL3.

No-hassle system updates for additional processors, interfaces, card association regulations, and enhanced capabilities.

Fraud Sentry® – Customizable monitoring tool watches for and prevents internal fraud and false credits.

24/7/365 In-house support – We don’t outsource to some call center in Timbuktu; when you call Shift4 support, you talk to a Las Vegas-based employee trained to support Shift4 products.

Freedom – Our neutrality is your freedom. We’re not tied to any bank or processor, so you are free to change as business needs (or increased fees) dictate.

Merchant Advocacy – Shift4’s neutrality also places us in a unique position to act as your advocate. Many banks and processors make more money when you make a mistake. Shift4 doesn’t. We’ll help you save money by doing things the right way.