Did You Know Shift4 Processes Directly to American Express?

Did you know that Shift4 maintains a private, direct connection to American Express? Why do we do this? Well, the answer is quite simple: we do it to make life easier for you, our merchants. Shift4’s direct connection means we don’t have to pay a third-party to submit this information for us – that saves you up to $.25 per transaction, which adds up quickly!

Our private connection also means that your transactions will fund faster. In other words, you’ll get your money sooner (sometimes days sooner) than you would if we used another solution. Also, because we run these transactions through our own connection, you get some added redundancy. If your main processor goes offline, you can still process American Express cards through our connection. So, why do we pay to maintain a private connection to AMEX? We do it for you; it’s part of our commitment to merchant advocacy that we don’t just advertise, we live by.