October 7, 2019

Customer Success Story: How All-in-One Payments Lowered Costs and Improved Operations for This Lakeside Texas Resort

Customer Success Story: How All-in-One Payments Lowered Costs and Improved Operations for This Lakeside Texas Resort

Tanglewood Resort sits alongside Lake Texoma in northern Texas, right on the border with Oklahoma. Because of their location, the full-service resort and conference center has incorporated a unique combination of lakeside views, fine dining, spa services, lake activities, a championship golf course, and a host of outdoor activities like hiking, boating, fishing, horseback riding, and more. Tanglewood is often the destination for large groups of guests, and their experienced staff is there to make sure the stay is memorable.

Taking the Leap to Single-Source Payments

In 2018, Tanglewood Resort made the decision to switch to the complete payment processing solution from long-time partners Shift4 Payments and Springer-Miller Systems. The resort was already a customer of Shift4 and Springer-Miller, using their secure payment gateway and property management system, respectively. However, this new offering from the partnership delivered additional services that tied it all together: merchant services, secure gateway, P2PE-enabled card readers, device injection and management, auditing, accounting, reporting, and much more.

Combining these services opens up possibilities to eliminate redundant costs. Prior to moving to a single-source solution, Tanglewood Resort had been utilizing a piecemeal approach to their payment processing, meaning they coordinated with (and got a bill from) a different service provider for each of their payment services separately. When they started utilizing the all-in-one approach from Shift4 and Springer-Miller, they found out how much easier and cost-efficient their payments could actually be.

Shift4 Payments and Springer-Miller Systems deliver an integrated solution that helped Tanglewood Resort cut costs and improve operations with:

• Waived gateway fees, saving $400 per month
• Free EMV devices, with lifetime free replacement
• Full integration with Springer-Miller Systems suite of hospitality software
• Streamlined support with one point of contact for all payments needs
• Lowest total cost to process payments
• Business intelligence and analytics to improve the guest experience
• A single solution that unifies payments and simplifies business operations

“When a group of 300 guests arrives at the property, it’s really nice not having to worry about our payments and just focus on the guest experience. The products from Springer-Miller Systems and Shift4 Payments work really well together and are always reliable.”

– Magan Crowley
Guest Relationships Manager & Memberships Coordinator, Tanglewood Resort

The Advantages of Bringing Payment Services Under One Roof

Although making such a significant change was intimidating, the execution and implementation were completed on schedule, without any issues or system downtime, and the benefits went into effect immediately. From waived gateway fees alone, the property was able to save an average of $400 per month. Additionally, they were able to replace every PIN pad device on the entire resort with EMV- and P2PE-capable payment terminals, including signature capture devices at the front desk to reduce chargebacks.

Another one of the major operational improvements the resort experienced was streamlined customer support. As an all-in-one payments provider, Shift4 gives businesses one number to call to resolve any issues, as opposed to having to make multiple calls to various providers to track down which was responsible for the issue.

After a successful integration, installation, and pilot, Tanglewood Resort is experiencing daily the countless benefits that have come with uniting their payments through the proven partnership of two industry leaders.

“Shift4’s support is amazing! When we experienced a power outage, they orchestrated with IT, the communications provider, software provider, and the hotel to resolve the issue impeccably.”

– Rachel Heumann
Controller, Tanglewood Resort

“Our goal was to create the future of integrated payments, where any business can find simplicity in an otherwise complicated industry – and save money at the same time. Through this partnership, Shift4 Payments and Springer-Miller Systems provide customers with a one-stop shop that takes care of all their payments needs.”

– Jared Isaacman
CEO, Shift4 Payments

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