Changing IP Addresses

In order to avoid disruption of your transaction processing, Shift4 must be notified of any changes to the internal IP addresses of the machines running either the Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®) or your POS/PMS terminals. Also, if there is a change to the overall IP address schema of your network, informing Shift4 can save major confusion in the long run.
We discussed this topic and the reasoning behind it back in February, but we’re still handling quite a few support calls stemming from this very issue. We know that members of your IT staff may not always receive our newsletter. However, this article applies specifically to them. If you know your IT team is not on our distribution list, please take a moment and forward this notice to them.

If you use IP address restrictions and change your public IP addresses without informing Shift4, you will be locked out of DOLLARS ON THE NET® and will therefore be unable to process transactions. So please, for your peace of mind and ours, contact Shift4 Support at 702.597.2480, option 2, or e-mail support@shift4.com before you make IP address changes.