Changing Bank, Processor, or POS/PMS? No Need to Leave Shift4

“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater,” was a popular phrase in our childhood but one we haven’t heard much recently. Essentially it means: “don’t get rid of something good in the process of getting rid of something that isn’t.” Contrary to what you may have been told, if you’re considering replacing your merchant bank/processor or POS/PMS, there’s no need to replace us. Our independence makes switching simple.
The beauty of Shift4’s neutrality is flexibility. Shift4’s merchant-centric design allows our clients to change merchant banks and/or processors with just the “flip of a switch.” If you’re considering a new bank or processor, there’s no need to find a new gateway. Just take a look at our list of supported processors (found here) and find the one that offers you the best rates and fits your needs. With Shift4 you are not tied to a processor, so you have the freedom to shop around for the best service and the best rates. We offer high-speed connections to all the major processors with no additional communication cost, no matter which you choose.

If you need to update or replace your POS/PMS system, you should know that we support integrations to more than 350 systems (listed here), and regularly add new integrations. If you are considering changing your POS/PMS system, take a few minutes to call Shift4 and let us make sure your new system is certified – that way you won’t miss out on the service and features you’ve come to expect from Shift4.

Shift4’s neutrality makes our position as a merchant advocate possible. We continually strive to keep your transactions as compliant as possible and work with your POS/PMS and MSP to identify and help you eliminate additional downgrades, keeping you from the unnecessary fees and fines levied by banks and processors. No matter where you decide to go, taking Shift4 with you is a smart decision.