Be Sure You’re Using Shift4-Certified Solutions

Recently we’ve received a number of calls from merchants experiencing issues with swipe devices and/or POS/PMS terminals that are not included in our list of certified devices. With that in mind, here’s a friendly reminder: Just because a device appears to function properly when you plug it in, does not mean the device is supported by Shift4. Likewise, just because you’re able to process transactions through a new POS/PMS does not mean it is fully integrated with DOLLARS ON THE NET®.

Yes, many manufacturers make their products similar enough that basic functionality is the same, but until the device or program has been thoroughly tested and certified by Shift4, we cannot verify their compatibility with our system.

This also holds true for software or firmware build versions. Shift4 provides a list of all POS/PMS/e-Commerce products with certified integrations to DOLLARS ON THE NET, as well as a list of currently certified devices. The device list represents what we consider to be the best devices for each of the industries we serve. We constantly analyze new devices and add to our list as new technologies or features warrant the additional development time.

We are happy to provide customer support to all of our clients – even those currently using a device or program not included in our lists. However, you should know in advance that if the issue extends beyond basic troubleshooting, we may be unable to escalate your concern to our technical services staff.

We understand that many devices appear similar and that POS/PMS salesmen looking to make a buck on an upgrade will “guarantee” their compatibility – but if you’re planning to make a change, please check with us first and make sure that it will actually do all that it needs to do.

If there is a specific device or solution not on the list that you think Shift4 should support, feel free to submit your recommendation to OTNfeedback@shift4.com. While we can’t guarantee action on every request, each request will be carefully considered by Shift4.

As always, if you need additional assistance, Shift4 Support is available 24/7/365. Contact us at 702.598.2480, option 2, or e-mail support@shift4.com.