April 4, 2017

Avoid Suspended Batches Using New DOLLARS ON THE NET Viewing Option

Avoid Suspended Batches Using New DOLLARS ON THE NET Viewing Option

Did you know that fake authorization codes are the number one cause of suspended batches? No one wants to take the time to call a card issuer’s voice authorization center to get a referral code when facing a line of customers. But, when a busy clerk enters a fake code to force an authorization, it doesn’t just cause problems with that transaction in DOLLARS ON THE NET, it causes a portion of the batch – or even the entire batch of transactions – to suspend, leaving your auditor stuck with extra work or even a delay in funding.

But, we’ve got good news. The new “Referrals Only” option in DOLLARS ON THE NET allows auditors to quickly investigate these transactions without weeding through every single one in a batch. Here’s how it works:

  • On the Current Transactions page, your auditor can select Referrals Only when auditing a batch. This option reveals all transactions that received a referral (voice authorization) response, allowing your auditor to quickly check the authorization codes for these transactions to make sure the codes entered look authentic.
  • Here’s a tip: Suspicious auth codes typically include repetitive numbers, patterns, or common number sequences, such as “123456”, “1111”, or any other suspicious set of numbers. Also, auth codes are almost always six characters, so anything less should be considered suspicious. Your merchant services provider (MSP or merchant bank) can give you guidance on what a standard authorization code is.
  • When your auditor reviews referral transactions, they can efficiently fix or void these transactions depending on your company policy.
  • After resolving any suspicious authorization codes or voiding these transactions, the auditor can remove the filter to view all of the transactions in the batch and finish any further auditing that may be required prior to settlement.

All in all, this viewing option makes for an efficient way to resolve or remove forced authorizations from a batch, so we highly recommend you try it if you’ve had any previous trouble with suspended batches.

If you want to learn more or need help using the Referrals Only viewing option when auditing transactions, our Customer Support team can help. Call 702.597.2480 (option 2) or email [email protected].