Account Setup — What’s Involved

There is a reason why we take such pains to ensure a proper setup of our solution: an improper setup costs you, the merchant, money. Things like not having accurate information from your merchant services provider (MSP) and processor can cause delays to occur with your batches. In severe cases, delays can turn into an inability to get an authorization from the processor.
So, today we’d like to take a look at our installation process, briefly describe the steps, and explain why all this fuss over detail is a good thing for you.

Before we get into the process, we’d like to take a moment and explain why you’ll encounter a different Shift4 representative at each stage of installation. Rather than have generalists take care of our installations, we employ specialists who are experts in their field of knowledge.

Now, let’s take a look at the installation process.

Review of business practices – The first thing we do in an installation is go over your current business practices. This is to discover which of the methods you employ to handle your transactions will work with Shift4’s processes and which will need to be altered. This step helps you streamline your processes and improve security at the same time.

Information verification – Next, we verify the information held by your processor and MSP and make sure that every party involved in the transaction process is on the same page. This is the step that can cause the greatest delay. In order to do this, we ask you to have your MSP send us the information they have on file for your business. We then check that against what your processor has on file.

We’ve been asked why Shift4 doesn’t just ask for the information directly. We don’t do that because we’re not legally able to! Just like with your medical records, only you can grant others access to your information.

Merchant ID (MID) set up – Setting up your MIDs properly is crucial to having accurate transactions. A hotel with several profit centers, for instance, must have separate, proper MIDs for their boutiques, spas, restaurants, etc. Failure to get MIDs properly set up will result in confusion, unnecessary fees, and loss of profit for you.

Hardware evaluation – At this point in the game, we’re ready to begin putting assets in place. We scrutinize your hardware and make sure that it can handle our software (like the Universal Transaction Gateway® (UTG®), 4Go®, etc.) and the browser you’ll need to access DOLLARS ON THE NET®. Not verifying your hardware can create bad installs or hamper future necessary software updates.

Software installation and training – Finally, we’re ready to install our software in your merchant environment and provide training for you and your staff. We set up user accounts, permissions, and settings to make sure that your enterprise is able to effectively use our solution. We have made almost a science of this stage and have every step described in detail. The better you understand our software, the more effectively you can use our solution.

Of course, we are always more than happy to provide extra assistance at any point. Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible. The best installation is one that doesn’t sacrifice stability and quality for expediency. Those extra few phone chats or exchanged e-mails can make the difference between successful payments processing and savings for you or backtracking to find what went wrong. We’d prefer the former, wouldn’t you?