3 Hot Topics at NRF 2015

3 Hot Topics at NRF 2015

The Shift4 team is back from National Retail Federation’s (NRF) 104th Annual Convention and EXPO, also known as Retail’s BIG Show. Omni-channel, mobile, and EMV were three of the hottest topics for retailers at the show this year, so we’re discussing each of these issues from a payments perspective because they’ll apply to other industries, too.

How Shift4 Supports Omni-Channel Merchants
One thing on everyone’s mind at Retail’s BIG Show was that consumers are more connected than ever. Merchants of every type and size are taking note and offering more convenient ways for consumers to interact with their brands and make purchases in person, online, and on mobile devices. This also means that many merchants are introducing more entry points into their payments environments. Shift4 has made it a mission to protect our merchant customers by eliminating sensitive cardholder data from every point of entry with our proprietary technologies, including our True P2PE (point-to-point encryption) solution, TrueTokenization®, and more. Shift4’s solutions provide layered security that ensures sensitive cardholder data is never processed, stored, or transmitted in your point-of-sale or property management systems – or anywhere within your environment – resulting in a PCI-scope reduction and decreased breach risk. Also, our efficient pre- and post-settlement auditing, accounting, and reporting tools within DOLLARS ON THE NET® make it simple to monitor payments across your enterprise. So, if you’re expanding into omni-channel, you can rest assured that Shift4 is ready to support your efforts.

VT4®: An mPOS That Puts You in Charge
Retailers at NRF were curious about the challenges of introducing mobile point-of-sale terminals (mPOS) into their environments, namely adding new payment entry points or requiring extra time for batch settlements from new channels. Shift4 solves these challenges with VT4, our mobile payment solution designed with enterprise in mind. VT4 seamlessly integrates with DOLLARS ON THE NET so transactions can be audited, batched, and settled along with transactions from across your enterprise, simplifying your nightly audits and helping you to avoid costly processing errors. VT4 offers the complete bank and processor neutrality that you’ve come to expect from Shift4, plus the ability to use certified, P2PE-enabled mobile swipe devices. VT4 turns any Internet-connected device into a secure point of sale for an unlimited number of users and revenue centers along with a host of user-friendly controls and security features, including True P2PE and TrueTokenization. For more information about how VT4 can work in your environment, watch this video.

Layered Security With EMV, True P2PE, and TrueTokenization®
The October EMV liability shift, when all merchants will be expected to accept chip-based payment cards, is coming up fast, and many retailers at NRF wanted to learn about how Shift4 can help them prepare. We’re happy to inform you that we already process EMV payments in Canada and will be ready to support EMV payments in the United States prior to the liability shift deadline. We recently underscored the importance of purchasing EMV-capable devices that allow for layered security in our announcement about delivering EMV functionality along with True P2PE and TrueTokenization to Ingenico and Verifone devices. Read more about it here.

If you have any questions about any of Shift4’s payment technologies, call 800.265.5795 or email info@shift4.com.