July 7, 2015

12 Hospitality Touchpoints Secured by Shift4

12 Hospitality Touchpoints Secured by Shift4

From a payments point of view, hospitality environments are particularly complex. Typically, hotels keep payment card information on file for booking guarantees, advanced deposits, refunds, incremental authorizations, and more. This makes the hospitality environment at hotels, resorts, and motels particularly vulnerable to data thieves, who target these environments to retrieve payment card information held within the network.

Shift4 Secures Complex Hospitality Environments
As a Shift4 merchant customer, however, you don’t have to worry about a thing. DOLLARS ON THE NET® includes a full suite of payment security technologies that can secure your enterprise from booking engine to back office. And, with VT4®, our mobile point of sale (mPOS), you can extend your reach even further by securely accepting payments wherever your guests are.

Hospitality Payment Security Blueprint
In fact, there are 12 common touchpoints where payment card data is introduced into the hospitality environment – and Shift4 has created multiple solutions to secure each one. Together, these technologies ensure that your cardholder data environment is limited to the secured payment-device level, dramatically reducing your breach profile and PCI scope. Just check out our Hospitality Payment Security Blueprint to find out how.

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